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Random InfoEdit

  • This episode is a parody of Tron.


Stan gets sucked into facebook.


  • Contrary to Stan having 845,000+ friends on Facebook, the social networking website currently limits each user to just 4,999 friends at a time in real life.
  • When Kip Drordy is added as a friend by Kyle, the Friend Request box says: "Confirm Kyle as your Friend?" Then, when the shot goes to Kip and back to the Friend Request box it says: "Accept Kyle as your Friend?"
  • Facebook requires all subscribers to be at least 13 years of age. However, profile pages are shown with birthdays in 2001 and 2003. The boys would've most likely just changed their birthdays after joining, though.
  • During Yahtzee, Stan's opponent says "Uhhh, I'm gonna count five in my five box." The dice on the table are three 3s, a 1, and a 4. There is no 5 that he could have recorded on his game paper.
  • When playing Yahtzee with Stan, his profile claimed to have a "Large Flush" although it is actually a "Large Straight".
  • When Kyle is playing on Farmville and Stan's digital form appears on the screen, he is shown to have 14 friends. However, by this point, he is supposed to only have Kip, Stan, and the Jewish boy he met on Chat Roulette.
  • On Mad Friends, Cartman mentions that Kyle had 55 friends on Facebook before he added Kip, but in a scene where Kyle sees his number of friends ignoring him, he had 30 friends, although it is possible that his friends ignored him before he noticed. In the beginning, Kyle said he had only 37 friends.
  • Stan's birth year is revealed to be 2001, but because he's 9, his birthday is in October, and this episode aired in April 2010, his birth year should be 2000, unless, of course, he's still 8.