Youre getting old

Random NotesEdit

  • Butters gets Stan LEGOs.
  • Cartman gets a Ben 10 wrist watch from his mom.
  • Custers revenge

    Custers Revenge

    Custer's revenge can be seen at the corner when Randy is playing Tween music.


Happy Birthday, Stan! Your present is being a cynical asshole.


  • When Sharon is washing the dishes, the thumb on her right hand switches sides.
  • At the birthday party, Kyle is sitting next to Liane. However, when the shot moves back to her for the line "every time somebody gets a present...", Kyle (who was present in the shot the last time the angle was used) disappears. He reappears later.
  • The reporter said that "the Tweens" is from 9 to 12, but the Redneck later said that it is from 9 to 13.