Super fun time

Random NotesEdit


Butters and Cartman have a Super Fun Time at Super Phun Tyme! Criminals have done the worst thing of all - They robbed a Burger King!


  • While Pioneer Paul came to Colorado in 1864 with his mom and pop, which means he was a child, he welcomes the children to 1864 short after that, which doesn't make sense. It would mean that Pioneer Paul should be a child at that point in time. This could, however, be meant as a joke.
  • At the Super Phun Thyme, there is a "special" for 2 kids for $12, although the normal admission price for a child is $6. Chances are this is a joke as well.
  • When looking for a partner Cartman, accidentally calls Clyde, Craig.
  • Near the start of the episode, Pioneer Paul calls Smithy, Chad. Later on, Smithy's name is David Palmer as noted on his file sheet.
  • Wendy's voice sounds like Stan's voice when they are hiding behind the wooden crate.
  • Before the pioneer village worker was shot he said the code began with 5 and then 2 when the code was actually 1864. However the worker says it began with 1 in reruns.
  • Stan says he came from Pagosa Springs, which wasn't founded until after 1864. However, it is most likely that he doesn't know this.