• When Randy stares at the Wall Mart from his bedroom, Sharon Marsh is seen with and without her blindfold when she is in the bed.
  • When they see Marvin Marsh as a Wall-Mart greeter, Sheila Broflovski asks Sharon is that's her father, to which Sharon says yes. Marvin, however, is Sharon's father-in-law, and Randy's biological father. Sharon may have answered yes as Marvin is her Step - Father.
  • After Stan and Kyle destroy Wall-Mart's heart, Kyle says, "We have to get out of here!" but says it in Stan's voice.
  • When Randy Marsh goes to the Wall-Mart at night, to the left of the old lady someone further behind somehow walks closer. A man in the back was walking to the left, while a woman closer to the door was walking to the right; when the two crossed, the man was over the woman, with only her legs being shown.
  • When the boys walk up to the rebuilt Wall-mart, the 'W' in wall-mart is lowered twice between the scenes where they're walking in and walking out.
  • As the townsfolk sing "Kum Ba Yah", they are shown swaying and holding hands. However, in the next shot facing the Wall-Mart they are standing still and not holding hands.