• In the first scene in the episode, Kyle refers to Scott Tenorman as a "9th grader". Then, in the middle of the episode when Cartman has everyone in his basement, Kyle refers to him as an "8th grader" that sold Cartman the pubes.
  • When Cartman notices Scott has left the Radiohead interview, four other kids have also disappeared - a 6th grader and three 4th graders. Two 4th graders - a brown haired kid and the one with a blue hat - reappear in time for the "Pube Boy" presentation.
  • The brown haired kid can later be seen behind and to the right of Kenny, nowhere near Cartman or the kid with the blue hat.
  • Also during the crowd scene during "Pube Boy", a 4th grader can be seen hovering in mid-air to the right of Bradley, Bebe and Clyde.
  • Tenorman would have found it difficult to film Cartman doing the "I'm a little piggy" thing without any camera, but he could of had a really small camera.
  • When Scott tricks Cartman by giving him the pubes and taking his $ 6.12, the end result should have been different; Cartman should have ended with more than just the pubes.
  • Scott's voice changes alot half way through the conversation about chillie. However, it was when he was crying, so it may just be it changes that much when he cries.