Pandemic 2 the startling

Random notesEdit


Randy is so startled.


  • Randy calls Stephen "Chris". This was very common in the earlier seasons.
  • When the Marsh family is watching the news, Shelly has her pajamas on. When they leave the house, she has her coat on. When they're in the streets, she has her pajamas on again.
  • When the boys reach the homeland security agents, Craig is shown in front of the boys. However, in the next shot, he's behind them.
  • In the Comcast On-Demand version, all of the voices are omitted for a very strange reason.
  • When the Marsh family is running through the streets, Grandpa Marsh is never seen with them.
  • When the Marsh family is in the street, Randy gets a shot of a tank firing on a guinea pig, but when the next shot is seen, the tank has disappeared.