Finding nemo

Random film infoEdit


Nemo is kidnapped by some guy.


  • Eggs appear from nowhere wher Marlin and Coral are looking.
  • The zip-lock bag changes into a regular bag.
  • Dory's scars disappear.
  • Bloat moves inbetween shots.
  • The poster at the dentists' moves between shots.

Subliminal messagesEdit

  • Buzz lightyear in finding nemo

    The Buzz Lightyear toy

    There is a Buzz Lightyear toy on the ground.

References in other mediaEdit

  • In a simpsons episode Milhouse discovers the first scene of Nemo, where you see Nemo's mother. Bart and Milhouse are very shocked. Bart doesn't believe it.
  • In "Jump for Joy" Catelina sayss Joy's eyes are too big for her head, like finding nemo.